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Service News

1st January Updates

Exim 4.89.1 updated to 4.90 phpMyAdmin 4.7.6-all-languages updated to 4.7.7-all-languages Comodo ModSecurity Rule Set 1.150 updated to 1.152

24th November 2017 Updates

Comodo ModSecurity Rule Set 1.146 updated to 1.147

23 November 2017 Updates

Comodo ModSecurity Rule Set 1.145 updated to 1.146

16th November 2017 Updates

LetsEncrypt updated to 1.0.17 Comodo ModSecurity Rule Set 1.144 updated to 1.145 Pure-FTPd 1.0.46 updated to 1.0.47 Libpng 1.6.32 updated to 1.6.34 libXML2 2.9.6 updated to 2.9.7 libXSLT 1.1.30 updated to 1.1.32 RoundCube 1.3.2 updated to 1.3.3  

An outage at OVH has caused many keys systems to be down. Our Website and billing systems are currently being hosting at an alternative location. What’s Down 5% of customer VPSs are affected. One of our DNS servers is affected so we are functioning at 75% of DNS capacity. VPS control is down, so you […]

New plans coming soon

We are now looking at the 2018 plans, prices will change shortly in the billing panel and then our marketing will be updated,

Debian 9 template added to VPS Control

If you have a UnixGuru VPS, Debian 9 is available for install or redeploy.

Late Fees Scrapped

Read about it here!—suspensions-changed/

Darwin Theme

The “Darwin” theme/skin has now been fixed to correctly allow the setting of the php.ini variables, and you no longer need to use the “enhanced” skin for this,

CentOS 5 support ceased

We’ve removed the CentOS5 templates from the VPS control centre. We no longer support CentOS5 / CloudLinux 5 Will will, of course, provide “best efforts” on any existing installs using “Engineer time“.