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Service News

Late Fees Scrapped

Read about it here!—suspensions-changed/

Darwin Theme

The “Darwin” theme/skin has now been fixed to correctly allow the setting of the php.ini variables, and you no longer need to use the “enhanced” skin for this,

CentOS 5 support ceased

We’ve removed the CentOS5 templates from the VPS control centre. We no longer support CentOS5 / CloudLinux 5 Will will, of course, provide “best efforts” on any existing installs using “Engineer time“.

Software Updates

Comodo ModSecurity Rule Set 1.113 updated to 1.114 cURL 7.53.0 updated to 7.53.1 Dovecot 2.2.27 updated to 2.2.28

UnixGuru launches Elastic-Sites

UnixGuru is proud to announce Elastic-Sites, an extension of our Premium Hosting offering.elastic sites replaces the need for a VPS Elastic-sites replaces the need for a VPS by giving customers the option to have 1-8 Processor cores, and when you purchase an elastic-sites account you can use all of the power you purchased. You can […]

ModSecurity Update

Comodo ModSecurity LiteSpeed Rule Set 1.112 updated to 1.113

LiteSpeed Update for DDoS

LiteSpeed has released a new version which mitigates DDoS attacks which have been launched against LiteSpeed servers very recently. LiteSpeed Updated to version 5.1.13

Mod Security Update

Comodo ModSecurity Litespeed Rule Set 1.110 updated to 1.111

VPS Control Centre

Thank you for your patience whilst we made changes to our VPS Control Centre, which has been refactored onto nginx. This is now available once again.

NameServer Changes

If you are using our nameservers by name, then you do not need to make any changes. If you are defining your own DNS Servers using IPs, then the following IPs have been removed from the DNS Server Pool.   A new IP has been added to the DNS Server Pool