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Using code CHRISTMAS2014 will get you 50% off your hosting through 2014 and 2015. Code is for new purchases only, must be used on or before 31/12/2014, and is valid for services paid for and renewed for the next 12 months.

Black Friday Weekend Over!

No more Black Friday bargains, but keep your eye open for our Christmas Deals!!!

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More BASH bugs found

As the shellshock vulnerability in one that just keeps on giving, we were have been working to protecting our customers with something more durable then a band aid patches thus far provided by RedHat. The problem with shellshock is that bash allows function imports via environmental variables. It tries to parse them, and even execute […]


Do to popular request after the addition of git. Subversion has also been added to CageFS

Git Access Added

We have added Git access to the CageFS users, for deploying your projects. We are starting to focus on helping developers with a stable platform to publish their projects on.

Blog & SiteBuilder special offers end this month

The cost of blog and sitebuilder only accounts has been on VERY special offer. This is coming to an end this month, when we will see the price double.

SpamBuster 1.0 live

Our SpamBuster technology went live today, hopefully this will drastrically cut down on the number of SPAMs received, whilst leaving your legitimate email untouched.

Old HyperCache doesn’t work with New WordPress

We’ve had a number of wordpress blogs break where they have been cached with HyperCache and they’ve upgraded to WP 4. We recommend renaming the hypercache plugin in the plugins directory, logging in and removing the plugin. Then remove the directory. We recommend replacing HyperCache with “Quick Cache (Speed Without Compromise)”

New Website Published

Our new website has gone live, but many descriptions of our service being re-written. Our old site is still available under for the forseable future.