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July month to eradicate malware

We will be suspending any accounts that have been discovered to have malware and only unsuspending them after user contact. We are having to take this stance due to some users ignoring email that are sent until we suspend the domain. (Resellers if you find your customers have been suspended with the “Abuse” flag, this […]

Reduced Visitor Numbers, Better Conversions

Some customers have noticed that they have had a considerable percentage drop in visitor numbers in webalizer. We’ve worked with these customers and found they are getting identical or greater conversion numbers or increased conversion rates. We’ve attributed this to BitNinja, which is now protecting us from malicious bot and hackers that are no longer […]

Supporting Tear Fund

This weekend some of our staff went to the Big Church Day out at Wiston House, in West Sussex, where we learnt about the valuable work TearFund is doing around the world. We’ve supported Christian causes in the past like Compassion, where many of us sponsor a child, and recently Kiva where we’ve micro-financed entrepreneurs […]

Malware and Virus Scanning

Now hosting more than 10,000 WordPress and many 1000s of Joomla and Drupal sites, we have spent too much time tracking down code exploits and malware. Linux, just doesn’t have any proper real-time virus scanning solutions designed for shared hosts, so we’ve made our own solutions, which have gone live today. New mod_security rules specifically […]

Server & Software Upgrades

The Hosting and Database Servers have been updated to 16 CPU, 128GB, Raided SSD Servers. New SpamBuster Tech v3, has been put live to improve our spam filters even further (as if that were possible)! OptimumCache, a de-deduplicating file system cache has now been implemented on a ploop filesystem. Why store hundred of copies of […]

Email Scripts are now displayed in DirectAdmin

If you look into your domains “E-Mail Accounts ->E-mail Usage”, then at the bottom you will see PHP Script Name, along with how many emails it sent and which line of the script actually sent the mail. If a script sends too many spam emails, the system will “chmod 000” the script effectively disabling it. […]


Finally we have a Google+ page.

UnixGuru War on SPAM

Our war on SPAM, both SPAM coming into our network and SPAM going out of our network has had a great deal of success. Within 24 hours of putting our “count the bounces” code live we tracked down a number of minor SPAM sources and shut them down immediately. We are working on ensuring that […]

Drupal Hacking

We are experiencing a lot of Drupal Hacking attempts at present, please ensure your Drupal Blog is kept up to date. This is especially easy if you use Softaculous.

Block Cracking! What is it?

We have implemented “Block Cracking” on our email system, taking it one step further to removing spam entirely. This is called Block Cracking as it is designed to stop people trying to Brute Force their way into your email server, however, we already have that in hand and have only implemented the outgoing Spam […]