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Month of Magento Hacking?

Magento have themselves noticed a significant increase on the number of Magento Sites being brute-forced and hacked. We have a number of automatic defenses against this, but if you own a Magento site, please do give this a read and follow what advise you can. Remember with backups taken every 3 hours and kept […]

Trendy Site Builder

We have decided not to continue with the Trendy HTML5 Site builder. As of 27th February this is no longer available on any Shared or Reseller server. The decision was taken after the last Trendy Site was replaced by WordPress and Trendy has not been used for more than 12 months. We have a popular […]

LiteSpeed Plugin for WordPress Launched.

We are very excited to announce that the first official release of the LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for WordPress has arrived on WordPress’s own plugin directory!

BitNinja WAF Beta Tests

We have tested the BETA of the WAF component of BitNinja, and have found some issues, which is stopping us from migrating currently.

Web Developers are you ready for HTTP/2

UnixGuru servers are already serving HTTP/2 to compatible browsers, so have you as a develop looked at what best practice is now? CloudFlare has a ready good article about what people are doing now, that will let them down in the future, and could be letting you down already!

Black Friday to Cyber Monday – Save 75%

Save 75% off a years Shared, Premium or Reseller hosting, this “Black/Cyber Weekend” with promo code BLACK-FRI-2-CYBER-MON Code expires at 12:00am Tuesday

How fast can WordPress go?

WordPress is Popular According to W3Techs’ usage report, WordPress is used by 24.3% of all the websites and holds 58.7% of the content management system market share. As the #1 content management system, we want to see how fast WordPress can be in a real world environment. To this extent, LiteSpeed is currently developing their […]

Another Polish C Class IP Added

We’ve also added another Polish C Class IP for new SEO & Ultimate Resellers

Extra French C Class IPs Added

We’ve been asked whether we are able to provide more French IPs on different Class C networks, and so we have added 2 extra French IPs to new SEO & Ultimate Reseller Accounts.

NGINX & Varnish or LiteSpeed

Shared & Reseller hosting servers have been upgraded to LiteSpeed Enterprise v5 VPS Units remain as NGINX & Apache (Event MPM) with FastCGI with ZendOpCache