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Hold off on Centos/CloudLinux conversions

If you are looking to convert your UG VPS from Centos to CloudLinux, it’s advisible to wait, if you have updated CentOS to 7.5, as CloudLinux 7.5 is not yet available, so your converted VPS could have a very strange build. We would advise waiting until CloudLinux 7.5 is available. This is not usually a […]

New Plans available

We have created our 2018 plans. We are now offer the following types of Hosting Shared Hosting Reseller Hosting Static Hosting (no dynamic pages – super fast) Elastic Sites – Shared hosting control panel with VPS resource levels VPS Hosting Dedicated Hosting Coming Soon DNS Hosting

New plans coming soon

We are now looking at the 2018 plans, prices will change shortly in the billing panel and then our marketing will be updated,


UnixGuru is converting most of their infrastructure to a big OpenStack Cloud, which will create even greater flexibility and stability of our hosting.  

Refactoring VPS Images for DirectAdmin on CentOS 7

Currently our VPS images of DirectAdmin are based on CentOS 6, but for better longevity, we are now refactoring on CentOS7. This will be used for a Basis for building our shared hosting servers on CloudLinux 7, but at the moment, not all features are supported on CL7.

Let’s Encrypt Exciting News

DirectAdmin are adding Let’s Encrypt functionality to their control panel. (look at 1.501) So we will look at our developed code and their and decide, where to go, but this is a welcomed piece of development from DirectAdmin in a world where SSL is becoming more important.  

Want your own WordPress VPS with OpenLiteSpeed?

LiteSpeed has created their own script to setup OpenLiteSpeed, MySQL and WordPress in one simple step. So if you have a WordPress site you want to have served fast on your own VPS, this could be the way to go.   LiteSpeed BenchMarks against NGINX and link to install script. OpenLiteSpeed Does It Again: 1.4.17 […]

Let’s Encrypt Coming Soon

We are actively looking at enabling an algorithm which will generate free “Let’s Encrypt” SSL certificates for any domain hosted with us when the domain is created and revoking the certificate when the domain is deleted. The Let’s Encrypt software is only in Beta at present so much testing will be necessary.  

WordPress NO Cache vs WP Super Cache vs LiteSpeed WordPress Cache

We wanted to compare Litespeeds WordPress cache against no cache and WP Super Cache.T The results are clear, and we’ll explain why you should be using caching on your WordPress website, and even better using Litespeed’s WordPress cache!  The Free “LSCWP Plugin” No Cache /usr/local/apache/bin/ab -n 50 -c 40 This is ApacheBench, Version 2.3 […]

Future CloudLinux Functionality

CloudLinux has published what it’s working on this year and here are the highlights. Modern kernels have the ability to control two levels of limits and these will be put to use in 2 ways. On dedicated hardware, CloudLinux will allow for hosts to create a Reseller Limit, an overall limit that their customers combined […]