What Our Customers say:

We are always interested improving our customer experience and want to be able to deliver our simple solutions without complication.

Unixguru provides a first class web hosting service. I would recommend them to anyone

Partner, http://www.footprintseg.co.uk

In my experience your support team is second to none. You ought to make more use of that fact in your website advertising. many of us coming from other companies left them because of poor quality support.

Ron Thompson

I used UnixGuru to create a website as the usual advertising did not seem to be producing the required results.
Since my website was created, I have had a number of successful enquiries, and am very happy to recommend UnixGuru hosting.
My website was setup very quickly and I was delighted to see the results. It’s very easy to find and undoubtedly paid for itself within 2 weeks.
Thank you UnixGuru

Esme Amey
Piano Tutor

We have recently transitioned a number of sites from our previous Reseller account with Heart Internet. I am writing to let you know how happy we, at LS Digital Media, have been with the service that we have received from UnixGuru. Firstly, there has been a tangible increase in the speed and reliability of our client sites – across the board. And we all agree that the support we have received from your tech team has been absolutely fantastic. I think it is fair to say the best we have ever seen with a hosting provider.

Robin Lumley-Savile
LSDigitalMedia, http://www.lsdigitalmedia.co.uk

If you are ever looking for a “5 Star”, “Best of The Best” Hosting company look no farther than UnixGuru. Hewitt Brown has e-commerce sites selling to customers in the USA, Canada, Europe and the UK as well as digital publishing sites. With hundreds of sites, WordPress blogs and other back-end processes we demand lighting fast servers, low latency, and expert technical support. Since 1995 we have hosted our websites with Hostgator, Blue Host, Dreamspace and our large e-commerce sites with Rackspace, MediaTemple and others. Some of our digital publishing (advertising) sites have generated over a Billion database records a month – with our demanding “Best of Breed” requirements we know without a doubt we are in good hands with UnixGuru. Speed is vital for today’s consumer, if the website is slow you will lose up to 30% of your customers and not to mention Google loves fast websites. For fast web sites and expert technical support we tell our good friends and business associates to move to UnixGuru and hope our competitors go to the companies we have used in the past.

Hewitt Brown
Gerry Sterling