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  • 24×7 Systems Support

    Knowledgebase, Live Chat & Support Tickets

  • LiteSpeed WebServer

    Upto 40 x faster than apache & 100% compatible.

  • Imunify 360

    Bot-Net Filtration & Web Application FIrewall

  • DirectAdmin

    DirectAdmin is the easiest web hosting control panel to use, and very possibly the fastest!

  • CloudLinux

    Stable, Secure, Feature Rich, Operating System for Shared Hosting & Reseller Environments

  • KernelCare

    KernelCare applies kernel updates and security patches without the need for downtime.

  • PHP Selector

    Choose from PHP versions 4.4, 5.1 to 5.6 & 7.0 to 7.2

  • SitePad SiteBuilder

    Easy to use Sitepad Site Builder can publish a great looking site in minutes.

  • Softaculous

    Softaculous is the leading Auto Script Installer, with more than 330+ popular applications and counting.

  • Anti-DDoS

    Automatic DDoS Mitigation with a capacity in excess of 450Gb/s

  • StatusCake Monitoring

    Shared & Reseller hosted domains are monitored by StatusCake

  • Global Network

    Global Network exceeds 3000Gb/s

  • Triple Power

    Triple power supplies provide redundancy from 3 separate electrical phases.

  • Dynamic Firewall

    Our Dynamic Firewall helps to thwart intruders trying to access your accounts and applications

  • Spam Buster

    UnixGuru proprietary SPAM reduction technology