30-day Moneyback Guarantee for Reseller Hosting Plans

Reseller Plans

Just like our Elastic-Sites hosting, our reseller hosting uses dedicated resources, so you know that no-matter how busy the server is, your resources are available for your customers. If your customer sites all become busy, you can purchase more resources (CPU, RAM, Disk and Bandwidth) by upgrading at any time.

R1 Reseller


Great for Small Resellers
R2 Reseller


Great for Intermediate Resellers
R3 Reseller


Great for Large Resellers
R4 Reseller


Great for Very Large Resellers

"SEO" & "Ultimate" accounts come with over 50+ IPs on separate Class C networks

A primary IP in the following countries:-

  • Belgium
  • Britain/United Kingdom
  • Czech Republic
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Lithuania
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Spain
and Extra IPs:-

  • 24 x UK IPs in separate Class C (/24) networks
  • 10 x German IPs in separate Class C (/24) networks
  • 7 x Finnish IPs in separate Class C (/24) networks
  • 3 x French IPs in separate Class C (/24) networks
  • 2 x Polish IPs in separate Class C (/24) networks

UnixGuru provides the highest performance reseller hosting available.

Using LiteSpeed server in place of Apache, we are able to increase performance by between 400% and 4000%, whilst decreasing memory footprint by as much as 85%.

This ensures that your website stays quick and responsive, even during busy periods.

LSCache can further increase your site speed when you are lucky enough to get a deluge of visitors.

LiteSpeed’s LiteMage Cache is available for Magento, and is the fastest caching technology available for the platform, upto 20 x faster than nginx/varnish (turpentine).

As LiteSpeed is Apache compatible you can take advantage of the speed increase without having to change any of your website code.

If you are using a common application, like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Magento for example, then your site will remain in cache constantly thanks to CloudLinux’s OptimumCache, a de-duplicating filesystem cache. Only having to cache identical files in memory once, no matter how many copies are on the filesystem, more memory is available to cache more objects. This ensures a very low disk wait as most read I/O is performed out of cache.

UnixGuru provides the most stable reseller hosting environment available

Security Systems:-

The resource allocations that have been made are very generous and will allow your site(s) to react in a speedy fashion, whilst not allowing a single site/user to crash or abuse the system.

Standard shared and reseller hosting at other hosts often allow each account to use as many resources as they like, for as long as they like, and this makes it possible for a single site/user to crash an entire server, attacts abusive tenants and allows them to slow down the sites for other tenants.

Our toolsets also highlight the users using the most CPU, I/O & MySQL at any given moment, so we know who is abusing the server or being abused in the event of a problem. This is not easily determined on a standard Linux hosting.

Spamming is automatically detected and blocked, which means that your customers mail will just work without issue, your IP reputation is not sullied by other tenants.

Key Features

Some of cool feature from our web hosting package

  • 24×7 Systems Support

    Knowledgebase, Live Chat & Support Tickets

  • LiteSpeed WebServer

    Upto 40 x faster than apache & 100% compatible.

  • Imunify 360

    Bot-Net Filtration & Web Application FIrewall

  • DirectAdmin

    DirectAdmin is the easiest web hosting control panel to use, and very possibly the fastest!

  • CloudLinux

    Stable, Secure, Feature Rich, Operating System for Shared Hosting & Reseller Environments

  • KernelCare

    KernelCare applies kernel updates and security patches without the need for downtime.

  • PHP Selector

    Choose from PHP versions 4.4, 5.1 to 5.6 & 7.0 to 7.2

  • SitePad SiteBuilder

    Easy to use Sitepad Site Builder can publish a great looking site in minutes.

What is Reseller Hosting?Reseller Concept

UnixGuru Reseller hosting is a large slice of disk-space and bandwidth on a very larger server which you can split into smaller chunks as you see fit to allocate to your sub-user (customer’s) accounts.

Each sub-user account can use their space to host their websites, scripts/applications, databases, emails (email accounts, forwarders, auto-responders & mailing lists), DNS Management and perform backups & restores.

An easy to use Reseller Control Panel is supplied to the reseller to create “packages” which are bundles of resource that you will then allocate to a “sub-account”.

Each sub-account gets an easy to use User Control Panel, so your customers won’t need any previous web hosting knowledge.

This way each user can control their own domains, emails etc, without having access to the features of other users.



UnixGuru does not oversell it’s servers, but:-

Overselling by Resellers is allowed, so you can sell more resource than you pay for, which helps make your business profitable.

You must ensure, however, that you are paying for an account of equal or greater resource than you and your customers are using.

i.e. You can sell 500GB of space as long as you are using less space than your plan provides, in total. (You are paying for what you are using, not what you have sold).



The following extra resources can be purchased as bolt ons, once you are at “Ultimate” with your account.

  • Bandwidth
  • Disk Space
  • CPU Cores

Our Payment Methods

You can pay us using your Paypal account, Major Credit Cards, Bitcoin or Direct Debit