NGINX Reseller Hosting

UnixGuru can offer two types of NGINX Reseller hosting


1. NGINX, Varnish & LiteSpeed Hybid hosting

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2. NGINX Hosting on DirectAdmin VPS.

If you want a Pure NGINX server, then you can purchase a DirectAdmin VPS and ask us to install it with NGINX instead of Apache.

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Some quick facts from our Labs.

In a Shared-Hosting or Reseller Environment

NGINX is very fast and scalable for serving static data, faster than both Apache & LiteSpeed.

NGINX is around the same speed as Apache at launching PHP. NGINX is slower than LiteSpeed at running PHP

Static Data:- NGINX > Apache & LiteSpeed

Dynamic PHP:- NGINX = Apache (event MPM), NGINX < LiteSpeed

This is due to LiteSpeed’s method for launching PHP, which has better OpCaching than NGINX.


If you have pure code designed for NGINX we suggest you take a “D Series” VPS and install NGINX, or an “R Series” VPS and ask us to install NGINX.


(Some people may measure LiteSpeed around the same speed as NGINX for static data. That actually might be the case, but LiteSpeed uses far more memory than NGINX to move static data. IN Shared hosting memory is key, so by saving memory moving static-data, we allow for more PHP processes. So everyone is happy).