UnixGuru Hosting


Shared Hosting

Shared hosting gives a customer their own server space and bandwidth and a control panel which allows them to configure their web space with domains and email addresses, email-forwarders and auto-responders.

It will automatically install any of the top 400 most used Web Scripts, help users take or restore backups, all in a friendly easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI).


Elastic-Sites Hosting is for those customers who need more power than regular Shared-Hosting accounts can allow. Shared hosting works for small sites where they don’t need much power on average.

As you “share” the server with other customers. So if all of the users got busy together the server would be under too much strain.

Historically when you needed more power most hosts would “upgrade” customers to a VPS, but then the customer would need to configure, patch, administer and backup their own machine, so many customers would leave that host and look elsewhere.

Elastic-Sites allows you to have accounts with dedicated power, currently from 1 to 8 CPUs with 4 to 16GB of RAM. This power is all yours, so you can hammer the CPU and Memory all day long without complaint from us.

Keeping the same Control Panel as shared hosting, backups, patching, security etc are all taken care of by us.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting gives a customer bulk server space and bandwidth, it gives them both a Reseller Panel, which can create and control their own users, each of which, get their own control panel. They also get their own User control panel to control domains & emails


Green Hosting

Using our LiteSpeed (with LSCache) and Large Memory Hosting Stack, we are able to do so much more, with less hardware and combining that with our water cooling technology and eco-friendly power sources, we believe we offer one of the Greenest hosting solutions around.