businessUnixGuru Shared Business Hosting

Most small businesses would benefit from hosting their own website and domain, but why choose UnixGuru Shared Hosting for your business?


Reasons to choose UnixGuru shared hosting for your business.

-We’ve been hosting websites for businesses since 1999.

-Our staff have been involved in hosting the websites of Super-Markets, DIY Stores, well-known comparison and voucher sites, high street banks, Oxford Street stores and airlines.

-During this time we’ve seen what makes hosting unstable, and we’ve put measures in place to make sure this doesn’t happen.


1. Resource Guarantees for all tenants

Previous generations of shared-hosting allowed a single website to consume all the resources effectively bringing down the server for everyone else.

Though our use of CloudLinux, every customer has in their own LVE (Lightweight Virtual Environment), almost like a VPS, where the amount of CPU, Memory, I/O, MySQL, Apache Processes, Disk-space and number of inodes is controlled.

Generous resources are given to each tenant, more than should be enough, but not so much that a single site can bring down a server.

So your site will continue to run 24 x 7 x 365


2. FileSystem Security

Each LVE also has its own virtual filesystem. Should another tenant’s account be compromised due to poor password management, or insecure website code, hackers are no longer able to use the accounts or files of other tenants from the compromised account.

This way you know, the only people changing your files is you!


3. Spam & Business Email

Previous generations of shared-hosting used a single IP to deliver all the emails from a given server, meaning that if an IP got blacklisted due to the bad behavior of any single tenant, everyone’s outgoing email was affected.

We’ve altered our email system to send and receive emails through the IP on which a customer’s website is hosted.

Therefore by purchasing a dedicated IP, a business customer would remove themselves from any possibility of having their IP blacklisted due to the actions of others.

Our improved SpamBuster Technology delivers all the email you do want, and fewer emails that you don’t.

Customisable Spam-Filters and SpamAssassin are also available for the Tech-Savvy administrator who wants to have the greatest control, but can be also ignored by those who don’t feel the need.

We count the number of undeliverable messages sent by each email account, user & script and notify the user, reseller (if applicable) and admin that they have an issue. This way they can fix a potential issue before it causes any issue. (So spammers need not apply).


4. Built to withstand the Slashdot effect

In 2004, one of the websites we hosted got mentioned on the “Richard and Judy” This Morning television show, which managed to bring down the server…Bad Times…

We immediately went about designing a new web server, fronted by Squid-Proxy server to cope should that situation ever happen again.

We have long since replaced this prototype with our “NginX, Varnish, Apache/LiteSpeed Hybrid” web server with Zend OpCode caching and have managed to withstand 1,000,000+ pages a day using a single account on a shared-hosting server when sites have been mentioned on TV or Slashdot, Reddit or Twitter etc…

So we are confident that your marketing money will not be wasted on your customers looking for an unavailable website.


5. Automated DDoS Mitigation

Our automated DDoS Mitigation system also ensures uninterrupted service should any nasty characters decide you are next on their radar or hit list.


6. Automatic Security

Our security robot periodically checks server logs for the IPs of visitors who try to brute-force services like POP3, IMAP, SMTP, FTP, SSH, DirectAdmin, and even web applications like WordPress, Joomla & Drupal.

Any IPs being found being “naughty” are temporarily blocked in the firewall, which puts an end to that IP taking part in an attack for the duration of the block. This significantly slows down any attempt to brute-force the system but keeps the firewall from being too full of blocked IPs to introduce any application latency.


7. 24 Hour Monitoring & Support

We use StatusCake to monitor our servers and your websites 24 Hours a day and our support staff keep your websites up and running.

So confident in our up-time are we, that we alert our customers when we are down.