r1soft268x80R1Soft Continuous Data Protection

All shared & reseller hosting comes with R1Soft Continuous Data Protection, whether you have an entry-level Shared account, e-commerce account or a large Reseller account.

We take snap shot backups at between 30 minutes to 1-hour intervals and the retention periods are as follows:-

  • Snapshot “Recovery Points” are taken hourly and retained for 24 hours
  • Daily archives are retained for 7 days
  • Weekly archives are retained for 1 month
  • Monthly archives are retained for 3 months


Customers are given access to the “R1Soft Recovery Portal” with an R1Soft CDP icon in their hosting panel.

Customers can even login into the Recovery Portal should their hosting become unavailable, so they can collect an archive of their data for peace of mind.

The portal allows the customer to restore as much or as little (a single file or single database) as they want.



Not Just for System Failure

The backups are there not just for system failures, but for user mistakes.

If a customer accidentally drops too many databases data or deletes the wrong directory, how bad would they feel if their host told them that the last backup taken was a week ago?

Or that the restore was an all or nothing unless you were a Unix command-line guru?

If you are running an e-commerce shop, or multi-user forum or popular blog, you don’t want to lose much data, that’s why we backup every hour!!

Restores are now self-service, however, we will help you restore them if necessary and will only charge you for the time taken.


Great for Developers

Knowing that you can restore old versions of your code for comparison to an alternate directory is great functionality.


Peace of Mind

Nothing gives a customer or a host greater peace of mind than knowing that all of their data is safely backed up, should they make a mistake or God forbid they get hacked.


Our Payment Methods

You can pay us using your Paypal account, Major Credit Cards, Bitcoin or Direct Debit