UnixGuru Hosting has implemented Patchman on their shared and reseller hosting servers. Monitoring scripts and applications for vulnerabilities and patching them before they becomes compromises has benefits for UnixGuru and for our customers. We reduce the time spent dealing with hackers and compromises and customers enjoy faster servers and greater uptime.

This seriously lowers to risk to customer data and customer reputation.

Added to our arsenal of DDoS Protection, Bot-Net Filtration, Web Application Firewall, Patchman is the icing on the cake.

Security Facts for Shared Hosting

*The following statistics and claims are based on third-party research and case studies with customers of Patchman.

Security Breaches are expensive

  • On a monthly basis, 1 to 5 percent of your websites are compromised.
  • Hackers generally want to take advantage of your server’s resources for spam runs, DDoS attacks, etc.
  • However, it also exposes you to much more severe risks: root data loss, data theft, or worse.
  • Each security breach costs us and you at least one to several hours in labour to resolve.


Half of Websites are Vulnerable

  • According to W3Techs, approximately 29% of the web runs on WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.
  • For most web hosting companies this number is actually much higher: 57%.
  • Approximately 80% of these websites run an outdated version of their CMS.
  • This leaves 46% of your websites exploitable through significant security vulnerabilities.


One Third of Compromised Customers move to another provider

  • According to research by StopBadware and Commtouch, 28% of webmasters whose websites were compromised considers moving to a new provider.
  • Webmasters blame the provider for the compromise
    • are unhappy with the (lack of) support they receive
    • are not able to resolve the issue themselves
    • or are simply fed up with it and quit.



At UnixGuru Hosting, we know that our system, with Web Application Firewalls and Security Appliances help to keep websites safe.

We know that our CloudLinux servers and CageFS filesystems are as secure as they can be, but unfortunately sites do still occasionally get compromised.

Often developers with create many sites with the same base template and plugins. They may then leave them un-patched for many months and wonder why all their sites appear to have got hacked in one week, or almost overnight, and often blame the host, for being insure.

The greater majority of core and plugin updates are security rather than feature related, so webmasters are always better off upgrading at the first possible instance.



If a site becomes compromised UnixGuru will try to help, but for example if an agency designs 20-30 sites with the same vulnerabilities and they all get compromised, this could create 50 hours+ work for an engineer to clean up, and that doesn’t always mean that the breach point was fixed.

When you consider that this was not UnixGuru’s fault you can understand why we prefer the customer to clean up their compromised site, after all most Resellers/Agencies will have a £30 reseller account, and that does not even cover two hours of work.

Shared customers with single site compromises will have spent on average £3 a month for their hosting, and so you can imagine how uneconomic manually fixing their sites would be.

The truth, sadly, is that if we raised our prices to cover these costs, in all likelihood the customer would leave for somewhere cheaper and the whole process starts again.


Good News

UnixGuru uses R1Soft to backup websites every hours and keeps many point in time backups, which the customer can restore themselves, so getting back to prior to the hack is in most cases quite trivial, however, that will merely restore the site back to the vulnerable state it was in before.


Even Better News

UnixGuru shared and reseller hosting servers are protected with PATCHMAN which detects vulnerabilities and is able to safely patch them without customer assistance.

  • Malware on compromised hosting accounts is detected and quarantined automatically.
  • On detection of a vulnerability the customer is informed of the issue and how to resolve it.
    • If after 12 hours, the issue remains unresolved, the customer is reminded again.
    • After 1 day, if still unresolved, PATCHMAN will automatically patch the vulnerability and inform the customer.
  • PATCHMAN integrates with UnixGuru’s DirectAdmin control panel, and uses the user emails associated with the accounts to inform the customers.
  • The scanning process used by PATCHMAN is optimised to be incredibly lightweight so as not to affect the performance of the server.

If resellers have set these details up incorrectly, they may not be informed of vulnerabilities found and patches deployed.