What is Multiple C Class IP Address Hosting.


ipaddressFirstly we’ll quickly state that “A, B & C Class” networks no longer exist as they were replaced in 1993 by Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR). C Class IPs are what SEO people are searching for, and that’s the reason we are referring to them in this manner.

IP Addresses are made up of four quartets of 8-bit numbers separated by dots.

e.g. aaa.bbb.ccc.XXX, like (

Usually if the aaa.bbb.ccc bits are all the same and only the XXX numbers are different between the IPs, then you can “safely” assume that there is a good chance that the IPs are owned/controlled by the same entity.

In the above example would be on the same network but would be on a different C Class network as the ccc from aaa.bbb.ccc.XXX is different, you might then assume that the sites would be controlled by a different company/entity.

Multiple C Class Address Hosting is hosting that allows you to host multiple sites on different C Class IPs so that they appear to be hosted/controlled by separated companies/entities.


Why Use Different C Class IP Address Hosting?

So marketing sites/blogs don’t appear to be directly related to each other or related to the sites they are marketing for.

Whilst many SEO enthusiasts (there are no experts as the “science” continually evolves) believe that hosting on separate networks doesn’t make any different to SEO, there are many other SEO enthusiasts that are true believers. (We’ve even seen those who preach that they don’t matter, whilst secretly using them).

What is clear is that this matters less today than it once did.

Also, in the big world of search engine intelligence, all IPs need to be bound to their host’s BGP Autonomous System (AS Number), so it no longer matters how many IPs you have Google knows it’s the same provider, the only thing they don’t know is whether it is the same server, this is the only mystery left.


Our Reseller accounts:

50+ IPs as Standard for your SEO and GEOlocation Needs.


europeEach “SEO” or “Ultimate” reseller account is provided with the following geolocated IPs:

  • 1 x Dedicated IP Address
  • 25 British IPs (On different Class C networks)
  • 1 Belgian IP
  • 1 Czech IP
  • 1 Dutch IP
  • 7 Finnish IPs (On unique Class C networks)
  • 3 French IPs (On unique Class C networks)
  • 10 German IPs (On separate Class C networks),
  • 1 Irish IP
  • 1 Italian IP
  • 1 Lithuanian IP
  • 2 Polish IPs (On unique Class C networks)
  • 1 Portuguese IP
  • 1 Spanish IP

This enables resellers to sell hosting in any region, or indeed have different sites in different regions.

(When a reseller creates a sub-account (user) they can allocate a specific IP to those accounts, even IPs from different countries.)



Other SEO technologies

seotriMore important than IP use, Google and other search engines care about 3 things.

1) Site Content (most important)

2) Site Speed

3) Site Availability

We take care of Site Speed and Site Availability, leaving you to look after your content. We can help give you an edge if you are doing everything else well.


rocketSite Speed

UnixGuru Hosting uses LiteSpeed Web Server, which provides Super Fast and Super Scalable web hosting! So your sites don’t slow down.


Site Availability

Using CloudLinux, we make sure that server resources are available to you when your customers need it.

Anti-DDoS ensures your site stays available when under attack.

Our WAF (Web Application Firewall) fends off many well-known exploits.

Our Payment Methods

You can pay us using your Paypal account, Major Credit Cards, Bitcoin or Direct Debit