Shared & Reseller Hosting with Free Let’s Encrypt SSL

Google and other search engines have already started to use SSL Encryption as a ranking factor in their algorithms. Whilst this is only a small factor now, SEO Experts are predicting that it will increase in value over time.

LetsEncrypt is a project sponsored by UnixGuru and other companies you may have heard of such as Mozilla, Cisco, Akamai, Chrome, Facebook, Securi, Shopify and many others.

It offers:-

  • Free LetsEncrypt SSL certificates for your domains
  • Free LetsEncrypt Multi-Domain SSL Certificates for user accounts with multiple domains in a single account.
  • Free LetsEncrypt Wilcard SSL certificates which cover all of your subdomains.

Our C’Panel will simply ask you which domains that you wish to have a Free SSL certificate for, you tick the boxes next to the domains, supply your email address, and you will have automatically ordered and installed a Free Multi-Domain certificate.

The certificates are valid for 90 days and are renewed every 60 days automatically as long as your domain is hosted with us.

So you never need to remember to renew your certificates ever again.