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Linux servers often have to be rebooted to update kernel security. These reboots need to be done late at night to reduce the impact to customers sites.

Delaying the reboot for Sys-Admin or Customer convenience widens the window of opportunity for attack from malicious bots and hackers and waiting too long could have catastrophic effects.


  • create an average of 15 minutes of downtime
  • introduce a period of poor performance, post reboot, as caches are rebuilt and I/O is heavy loaded (more downtime)
  • interrupt/corrupt running backups

With KernelCare installed on all of UnixGuru’s servers, all kernel security and stability updates are applied immediately when a patch is available without having to reboot, keeping them safe, secure and stable.


  • Avoids downtime
  • Prevents security incidents
  • Reduces need for reboots

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