phalcon_logoPhalcon PHP framework available on shared hosting.

Low overhead PHP C-extension (Phalcon)

  • Phalcon v2 & v3 available for PHP 5.x variants
  • Phalcon v3 available for PHP 7.x variants
  • C-extensions are loaded together with PHP one time on the web server’s daemon start process
  • Classes and functions provided by the extension are ready to use for any application
  • The code is compiled and isn’t interpreted because is already compiled to a specific platform and processor
  • Thanks to its low-level architecture and optimisations Phalcon provides the lowest overhead for MVC-based applications

Phalcon With Shared or Dedicated Resources

Available as shared hosting or as an Elastic-Site, with dedicated resources, from 1 to 16 CPUs and 2 to 32GB of RAM.

Why worry about the management of a VPS, when you can get the resources you need from an Elastic-Site Hosting Account.

Change your PHP version and extensions and other php.ini variables easily in real-time, and monitor your resource usage.

PHP launched by LiteSpeed.

Why go to the effort of using a super-fast framework, and optimising your code, then having apache slow it down the launching your scripts?

LiteSpeed LSAPI runs code more securely than suPHP, but faster than mod_PHP, and is able to use any opCode caching.

(OpCache Accelerators: APC, eAccelerator. Zend OpCache, xcache & xcache3 amongst those available in our PHP Selector)

86% faster to launch than NGINX with PHP-FPM.


Phalcon On Shared, Reseller & Elastic Hosting

Pha;con 2 & 3 Available

Phalcon is fast becoming known as the fastest PHP framework available and is becoming popular with more and more developers every day. UnixGuru Hosting likes to keep up with the latest trends and so has added Phalcon to the list of dynamically loadable extensions available in our PHP Selector. Phalcon is not loaded by default, but using the PHP Selector, you can select/deselect Phalcon as well as many other extensions. Phalcon is available in PHP 5.3 through PHP 5.6 & PHP 7.01 (Phalcon is unavailable in PHPs 4.4, 5.1 & 5.2)

By choosing the extensions your PHP applications use, and de-selecting those that you are not using, you can speed up your code execution, whilst at the same time minimising your code memory footprint, allowing you to serve more customers.

Also, by choosing an Elastic Sites account the can hammer the living daylights out of your account and scale it up and down from 1 to 16 CPU cores to meet demand.

30-days Moneyback Guarantee for All Hosting Plans

Buy your super fast phalcon hosting environment today! (From £5.99 to £169.99)



Ideal for a Starter Blog


Suitable for the more Advanced
ES 2


Suitable for a busy site
ES 8


Suitable for an ludicrously busy site


Also available via the Softaculous plugin, and often used with Phalcon is:-

Google Angular JS

AngularJS_logo AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. It lets you use HTML as your template language and lets you extend HTML’s syntax to express your application’s components clearly and succinctly. Out of the box, it eliminates much of the code you currently write, through data binding and dependency injection. All happening in JavaScript within the browser, making it an ideal partner for any server technology. Having your js libraries installed by Softaculous means you can pull down the latest libraries in seconds, you can install the script as you would if you downloaded it from the website or just the library files. Also, Softaculous will notify you when an update to your Angular JS is available and let you update in a single click, taking a backup of your old install first if you so wish.

angular-softaculous So without the need to do anything at the command line you are able to use Phalcon Framework and Angular JS on Shared Hosting.

Other JavaScript frameworks are all available via Softaculous