developer800Developer Hosting Features

UnixGuru Hosting provides a lot of features and frameworks which make hosting and publishing a great deal easier for developers



  • PHP Selector chooses your PHP version and which modules are installed. Each user can have his or her own settings.
  • Node.JS Hosting, write and host your own node.js apps or download them from github or other repositories.
  • SSH, SSH Shell access is given to each User, so you can develop and debug on the server.


Auto-Installed Frameworks, libraries etc:-

Any PHP framework can be installed, but we have a number of selectable modules for frameworks like Phalcon, and many frameworks can be installed and updated with one click using our Softaculous Auto-Install tool. This cuts down on the time you spend performing admin and install tasks, giving you more time for development.


Speed and Reliability

Of course one of the main reasons for you to develop your applications on our platform, is that when they are finished, you can host your applications on our platform. Each user account having their own resources means when you have finished developing one site, you can just get another account and start to develop in that new account using completely separate PHP versions and modules knowing that your new development sites cannot affect your existing production sites.

Reasons to keep your finished product with us:-

  • LiteSpeed hosting stack
  • Business Grade Email with UnixGuru’s SpamBuster Tech v3
  • Super High Specification Servers
  • PHP version and module selector

CloudLinux PHP Modules

Because each user has it’s own highly secured virtual environment and resources we can offer alpha and beta releases of PHP as they become available, without the risk of making your production site unavailable.