Green DataCentres


Our primary datacentres use 30% air-cooling, 70% water-cooling and 0% air-conditioning.

Wherever possible data centres have a primary eco power source, like hydropower.


Server Design

When you are trying to save power, CPU utilisation and Disk I/O are the culprits you need to be rid of. Most often the addition of extra memory allows the system to utilise more cache reducing I/O and CPU.

Our shared/reseller servers have a minimum of 128GB of RAM.

To further cut costs, these are “case-less” servers, and the motherboards slot directly into racks.

This allows us to get more servers into less space, whilst still using less power per rack than usual, due to the lack “internal case fans” that are necessary for normal servers, which is replaced with offer more efficient water cooling solutions.

Green Software Stack

To further remove I/O and CPU issues we employ:-

  1. LSCache stops dynamic data from having to be regenerated over and over during high traffic periods.
  2. LiteSpeed with better Opcaching stops the .php files having to be recompiled over and over.
  3. On services which don’t have LiteSpeed (for cost reasons) we use NGINX/Apache in combination to provide similar performance gains. NGINX serving static data quickly and Apache doing the dynamic work.

(This “do more with less” technology saves energy).

Our Payment Methods

You can pay us using your Paypal account, Major Credit Cards, Bitcoin or Direct Debit