Email Management


  • Email Accounts
    • Add/Delete/Change E-Mail Account
  • Forwarders
    • Add/Delete Email Forwarders (i.e. send to
  • Auto Responders
    • Send people an automatic reply, to tell them that you have received their mail, and you will process it shortly.
  • Vacation Messages
    • Tell people when you are on vacation, so they know when to expect a reply, or who to contact in your absence.
  • SpamAssassin
    • Advanced mail filtering for those who want to get technical
  • SPAM Filters
    • Simple mail filtering for those who do not want to get technical
  • Mailing Lists
    • Have a mailing list which automatically processes subscribe/unsubscribe and many more features
  • MX Records (Mail Exchange)
    • Want to send your domains mail somewhere else, here is where you can set that!

System Management

System Management

  • Site Summary / Statistics / Logs
    • Backed up Apache/LiteSpeed logs
    • User History
    • Apache/LiteSpeed Usage Logs (Full / Last 100 Lines / Last 10 Lines)
    • Apache/LiteSpeed Error Logs (Full / Last 100 Lines / Last 10 Lines)
    • AwStats
    • Webalizer
    • Usage Statistics & Allowances
  • FTP Management
  • MySQL Management
  • Installed Perl Modules
  • Customer Error Pages (These do not work on LiteSpeed Servers)
  • Domain Pointers
  • Site Redirection

Tools & Settings


  • FileManager
  • phpMyAdmin
    • Administer your PHP Databases (have using the MySQL Management tool)
  • Cronjobs
    • Schedule unattended regular tasks
  • Mime Types
    • Configure your accounts Mime Types
  • Apache Handlers
    • Configure your accounts Apache Handlers
  • DNS Management
    • Configure your DNS settings
  • SSL Certificates
    • If you are using SSL with your domain, then Self Sign, or upload a Commercial SSL Certiicate here.
  • Password Protected Directories
    • Put a challenge password to get to access a specific directory over HTTP(S)

Backup Manager


  • Create/Restore, Upload/Download your own backups in DirectAdmin format

Plugins (Extended Functionality)


  • R1Soft CDP
    • Restore your files or databases to a previous point in time.
    • Download Zip Files of your backups from any point in time.
  • Resource Usage
    • See graphs of your resource usage
      • CPU Time
      • Virtual Memory
      • Physical Memory
      • I/O Disk Bandwidth
      • Apache/LiteSpeed Entries Processes (Simultaneous Users)
      • Total Processes
      • Faults (Attempts to Breach Resource Limits)
  • PHP Selector
    • Choose your PHP version from 4.4, 5.1 to 5.6 & 7.0
    • Choose which modules your want loaded
    • Choose your php.ini settings
  • UG Site Builder
    • Build or Edit a stunning responsive website in minutes.
  • Softaculous
    • Install more than 350+ top web scripts/applications, incl. WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal….
    • Install PHP frameworks
    • Install JavaScript classes
  • HTML5 Site Builder
    • Build an impressive animated website.