Maintaining and Patching older PHP Versions.

Making and keeping older PHP secure!

Did you know that several highly popular versions of PHP used in more than 85% of all PHP sites are unsupported by the community?


Even PHP 5.5 is now out of support!



Ensure application and server security by patching all PHP versions

PHP represents more than 80% of all server-side scripts. Because of this wide application usage, PHP is consistently exploited by hackers, making sites vulnerable.
HardenedPHP keeps customers and servers safe by patching all PHP versions against known vulnerabilities, even versions unsupported by the community.
Over 100 vulnerabilities, of which many were critical, have been discovered for the unsupported versions of PHP and all have been patched by CloudLinux.

Support for longer periods reduces the need for the customer to upgrade, whilst allowing us to keep pace with technology.

About 85% of all PHP sites use highly popular PHP versions – 5.2, 5.3, 5.4 & 5.5. Yet as of June 2016 even version 5.5 is now unsupported by the community.
Web developers write their scripts to accommodate for a particular PHP version, but just because a version becomes obsolete, companies are not always able to update and change programs to accommodate for newer versions.
Hardened-PHP patches old PHP versions so that we don’t have to force our customers to re-write scripts written for an older PHP version or, even worse, risk breaking their sites, or losing them as a customer.

UnixGuru changes the default version of PHP in line with recommendations and availability of modules, however, existing customers scripts will always remain on the version that they were installed on unless they change it themselves.


Security and Flexibility

PHP is universal and has the widest use of all server-side scripts. According to, as of August 2016, the percentage of websites using PHP subversions of PHP 5 was as follows:

  • 20.1% PHP 5.5 — not supported by the community as of June 2016
  • 27.4%% PHP 5.4 — not supported by the community as of September 2015
  • 28% PHP 5.3 — no development, no bug fixes, no security support as of August 2014
  • 10.4% PHP 5.2 — no development, no bug fixes, no security support as of January 2011
  • 1% older versions, including 5.1 (and 4.4)
  • Remaining 15% represent version 5.6 supported by the community

With HardenedPHP users have the flexibility of running older PHP Versions with the same security they expect of current PHP implementations.

All customers files are in their own virtual CageFS environment, further increasing security.

Each user can decide which version of PHP they are using.

Resellers can have different users on different PHP levels.

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