business-emailSolved: Business Class Mail on Shared Hosts

One of the normal downsides to shared-hosting is that your email can often be disrupted if the IP of your server is blacklisted.

Whilst this does not happen often as hosts monitor their customers for spamming activities, it can take a long time to get delisted and usually all the customers on the server are affected.


How UnixGuru have fixed it

At UnixGuru hosting we’ve thought this through and solved the issue.

We’ve altered the mail server to send a customer’s mail out from the IP on which their domain is hosted, and receive their mail back on the same IP.

This way only a few customers are affected if an IP is blocked and we can move the innocent customers to another IP if necessary.

But customers with a dedicated IP will never be subject to blacklisting unless it is their own doing.


UnixGuru SpamBuster Technology

All of this comes with our SpamBuster technology, which means you get the mail you want, but not the Spam you don’t.

So where a domain declares a DKIM (digital signature), we check that signature. We read the domains SPF, MX & A records and ensure that mail is only originating from where it should, and we check the servers IP against a number of well respected “liberal” Realtime Blackhole lists (some lists are so strict that legitimate emails may get blocked) and we employ greylisting, filters out a great deal of spams sent by spamming scripts.

We don’t want the mail that your business depends on to be blocked, but we appreciate the frustration of a businesses staff when they spend valuable time dealing with spam emails and phishing attempts, we believe that we deliver a well-balanced solution, suitable for business.

DirectAdmin also gives you control over both SPAM filters, and SPAMAssassin, so you can further refine email filtering.

If we reject an email (we always reject/deny rather than drop) we send the reason for the block to the originator, whether it be a server misconfiguration or blocklist, so that they can fix the issue with their email server or attempt to get delisted. (Of course getting delisted can prove difficult for a genuine spammer).

To stop us from being the originators of spam we count the number of undeliverable “bounced” emails sent by each user, account & script and notify the user & administrator, so spamming or security breaches can be fixed immediately before your IP becomes reputationally damaged.

When a user sends too many of these undeliverable messages, their account will refuse to send any more emails until their password has been changed in DirectAdmin, this stops a compromised email account from continuing to spam.

When a script is found to be sending undeliverable messages, the script path gets blocked from sending any further emails until an admin removes that path from the blocked list.




With the CageFS virtualised file system provided by CloudLinux, customers can only see their own files, making sure the only people with access to your mail is you.

UnixGuru’s security robot blocks the IPs of people who try to use your mail with the incorrect credentials, helping to stop them from guessing your password.

We recommend corporates use SSL/TLS to use their email, this is fully supported.


Email Facilities include:-

Email accounts:




  • – –send-to–>


Forwarders for groups:

  • – –send-to–>,,
  • – –send-to–>,,,



These return a message of your choosing to the sender of any email showing that you have received their message.


Out-Of-Office/Vacation Messages:

These are “time set” Auto-Responders that yet your customers know you are on annual leave, maybe you mention your colleague or boss who they could deal with in the meantime.


Mailing Lists:

Let your customers automatically subscribe or unsubscribe to your mailing list using this automated system.