Fastest, Most Stable & Secure LiteSpeed Magento Hosting with LiteMage

Your Magento Site is Not Too big for Shared Hosting?

By using LiteSpeed WebServer with LiteMage on our Elastic-Sites platform, you don’t need a VPS to run your site. Our standard shared hosting should be sufficient for a small site, however, upgrading to an Elastic-Site with up to 20 CPUs & 40GB of RAM is simple and near instantaneous. All the power if a VPS with the convenience, look and feel of shared hosting.


Magento with LiteMage is the fastest Magento hosting technology by far!!

30-days Moneyback Guarantee for All Hosting Plans


£19.99/per month

Bronze Package

£29.99/per month

Silver Package

39.99/per month

Gold Package

£49.99/per month

Platinum Package

UnixGuru’s Elastic-Sites technology we can scale your site as it grows to beyond what’s possible with a VPS, without even moving it from shared hosting.

The Fastest Magento Hosting is delivered by LiteMage Cache

litemage-hole-punchMagento is a great eCommerce solution, but very slow.

Magento is the most popular e-commerce platform on the Internet. But its modularized architecture and flexible configurations come with a cost: more than 4 million lines of PHP code and 2 million lines XML configurations. This overhead makes Magento resource hungry and leads to performance issues — even a medium-sized store can require a very powerful server or cluster of servers.

Magento is not page cache friendly.

Page caching is the most powerful way to bypass Magento’s heavy architecture and speed up slow pages, but even though 95% of the content on a Magento page may be the same for all visitors (and is thus safe to cache), items in a shopping cart or the list of last viewed items, for example, cannot be cached and shown to all visitors. Because of these small blocks that change per-user, traditional page caches cannot cache most Magento pages and are not able to speed Magento up significantly.

Hole punching to the rescue.

LiteMage Cache uses Edge Side Includes (ESI) to punch holes in pages where information changes from visitor to visitor. The remaining content is saved to cache. When the next person visits the same page, the cached content is served quickly, with only the holes needing to be filled in with data for that visitor. LiteMage Cache also caches per-user data in private caches, so entire pages, even those with multiple holes, can be assembled completely from the cache.

What Is LiteMage Cache?

LiteMage Magento hosting is up to 20 times faster NGINX and Varnish (Turpentine) based solutions.

NGINX and Varnish Reverse HTTP proxies have long been the de-facto standard for accelerating high-traffic eCommerce websites.

Such setups are complicated and introduce multiple issues for Magento stores, such as:-

  • lack of SSL support
  • no set method to cache public and private areas.
  • dynamic blocks are requested individually through Ajax, adding to the overhead and lowering overall server performance.

The fastest way to host your Magento store = LiteSpeed + LiteMage Cache + LiteMage extention


LiteMage Cache features:

LiteMage’s ESI implementation delivers a number of key advances that deliver greater performance than our competitors Magento page cache solutions. Tests have shown LiteMage Cache to be between 15 and 20x faster than competing NGINX/Varnish-based solutions.

Key Highlights:-

  • All content can be assembled from cache, even per-user, private blocks, for the ultimate performance.
  • Reduced overhead by combining multiple blocks in a single request.
  • Native SSL support
  • Extra anti-DDoS features specifically for Magento to protect your site from attacks

Full features:-

  • Edge Side Include (ESI) engine for hole punching.
  • Punched holes are configurable and mapped to blocks defined in Magento page layout.
  • Main page and public blocks are cached once and served to all users. Private blocks are cached per-user and served only to that user.
  • Retrieve multiple blocks in one request, minimizing the overhead of building pages with multiple blocks.
  • Supports Last Viewed Product (this can be turned off for even faster speeds), Product Comparison, Stock Tracking and other features requiring communication with the Magento backend.
  • Supports layered navigation, category filtering, product toolbar options (view as, sort by and show per page) functionality.
  • Supports multi-store, multi-currency, and multi-user groups.
  • Supports extensions using AJAX based cart.
  • Built-in crawler to warm up cache.


Why else should you host your super fast Magento with UnixGuru?

Firstly there are multiple factors to take into consideration.

  1. Security (Your site remains uncompromised and intact, each user is their own container stops anyone see anyone else’s files)
  2. Stability (Your site remains up and available to serve your customers, automated backups run multiple times per hour so you don’t lose data)
  3. Performance (Your site is faster than your competitors, especially with an Elastic-Site)Elastic-Site)
  4. DDoS Protection (Your site stay up, even under attack)
  5. Free Multi-Domain SSL Certificates

Secure Magento Hosting

bn_badge_4_redBecause our shared Magento hosting platform uses CloudLinux, each client is placed in their own LVE (Virtual Lightweight Environment) with CageFS.

An LVE is very much like having a full featured VPS, but without having to maintain it yourself.

Customers are only able to access their own virtual file system containing their own OS and data files.

If an LVE is ever compromised, say with a discovered weak password or software vulnerability, any damage is limited to that particular customer/LVE and cannot spread throughout the system.

Once the system compromise has been detected a restore can happen, for the data files, and all of the system binaries in the “Cage” can be replaced with a single command.

(Full backups are taken every hour by R1Soft’s Continuous Data Protection).

CageFS’s virtual filesystem helps towards PCI compliance.

We also employ 2 real-time web security systems BitNinja and Comodo WAF (Web Application Firewall)

Patchman automated vulnerability patching

pmsymbolMagento is often targeted by hackers, who look for old versions of Magento that are vulnerable to attack and compromise. Customers are often unwilling to keep their sites up to date, as updates can often break websites.

However, un-patched web sites will eventually be compromised, and will be broken anyway.

Patchman detects Magento code which is vulnerable and patches the vulnerability rather than forcing customers to upgrade. Automatically informing the customer of vulnerabilities, it gives them the option of fixing the issue themselves, but will eventually automatically patch the vulnerability.

Keeping customer sites intact minimises the chance of reputation loss, which can so often occur should your site become compromised.

Keeping sites safe, automatically, seriously decreases downtime due to compromise, and keeps server resources for your code, rather than a hackers malicious code.

Read more about Patchman

Performance Magento Hosting

Providing your visitors with the fastest and most stable shopping experience is vital to your site’s success.

Having spent the effort in getting your visitors to your site, the last thing you want is your visitors abandoning their carts before becoming customers due to slow site speeds.

Magento is memory hungry application and as such it’s important that your site gets the resources it needs.

UnixGuru Hosting ensures you get the very best results from those resources by using a LiteSpeed Enterprise webserver with LiteMage Cache, the world’s fastest Magento Caching system.

CloudLinux “OptimumCache” is a de-duplicating file cache, so the operating system only caches a given file once, no matter how many copies are on the system. This ensures the likelihood that installs of Magento (core) will remain in cache at all times.

The CloudLinux containers for eCommerce also have a much higher I/O limit than basic hosting, however even standard shared hosting should be sufficient for a small store, especially if you enable LiteMage.

Dedicated IP as standard

On UnixGuru Hosting the email for your domain gets sent out from and delivered to your IP address.

By having a dedicated IP Address you are guaranteeing that your email for your domain will never will blacklisted due to other tenants behavior and that your IP reputation cannot by sullied by other users who share it.

A dedicated IP is no longer necessary for an SSL certificate, but it does allow for customers using old browsers that don’t support SNI with SSL certificates. (i.e. Windows XP customers)

We can provide you with an SSL Certificate, but many users like to obtain their own, so we have stopped bundling them and reduced the pricing.

Our systems fully support Magento

Our PHP has pdo_mysql, simplexml, mcrypt, hash, GD, DOM, iconv, curl & soap modules as requested on the magento requirements webpage.


We have a memory limit of 1024MB per PHP process, which exceeds the 256MB required (512MB recommended).

Our MySQL supports both CE and EE versions of Magento.

Magento v2.0

Our system fully supports Magento 2.0

We recommend PHP 5.6


SimpleXML and Curl are installed in PHP 5.6 and cannot be removed. (Both needed by Magento 2, but not in the optional modules list).

All other required modules can be selected from the PHP Selector.

There are also known issues with xdebug and Magento 2, so you simple untick it as above and you are ensured not to have issues.

Magento 2 is now available for installation by Softaculous, but it cannot yet upgrade you from v1.x to v2.x

Software/Hardware Combination

  • High performance server hardware combined with LiteSpeed Enterprise WebServer and LiteMage cache, which the security and stability from CloudLinux and BitNinja network security, we believe we offer the best Magento Hosting available in this price bracket.

Softaculous One-Click Magento CE Install

  • Our Softaculous one-click install of Magento saves you hours of downloading & uploading tens of thousands of files and allows you to skip the involved installation process for a fast, fuss-free e-commerce store every time.
  • Also notifying you of available upgrades, it allows provided one-click upgraded, making easily restorable backups of the working copy just in case.

Magento Demo

(Please not the demo is not hosted at UnixGuru, but at Softaculous and will not function at the speed that it would at UnixGuru)


Using our fast european network we are able to host your application in any of 14 European zones.

Allowing us to provide:

  • British Magento Hosting
  • Belgian Magento Hosting
  • Czech Magento Hosting
  • Dutch Magento Hosting
  • Finnish Magento Hosting
  • French Magento Hosting
  • German Magento Hosting
  • Irish Magento Hosting
  • Italian Magento Hosting
  • Lithuanian Magento Hosting
  • Polish Magento Hosting
  • Portuguese Magento Hosting
  • Spanish Magento Hosting

Our Payment Methods

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