Why host your WordPress Blog with UnixGuru?

LiteSpeed Enterprise Web server, with LiteSpeed Specific cache plugin (LSCWP).

Elastic-Sites Scalability – Scale as your site grows evermore popular!

LSCWPUnixGuru Hosting employs LiteSpeed web server technology, which when combined with Elastic-Sites offers the fastest, most stable and secure platform upon which to run your WordPress based website or blog.

Too big for shared hosting? Think again, our Elastic-Sites platform will allow you to use up to 4 CPUs and 10GB of RAM.

Faster than NGINX, LiteSpeed has LSCache (a Varnish like cache, built into the web server) it makes your website Super Fast!!

LiteSpeed has developed their own caching plugin, LSCWP, for WordPress to fully utilise LSCache, available from WordPress’s own plugin directory.

LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress (LSCWP) uses a plugin for WordPress to communicate with LiteSpeed Web Server and LSCache to statically cache your dynamic WordPress pages, at the web server level, greatly reducing page load time and server load. As development continues, LiteSpeedTech will be adding many more features – such as ESI support similar to what can be seen in LiteMage Cache for Magento.

LSCWP Installation Guide

LSCWP is also fully compatible with WooCommerce and BuddyPress


£19.99/per month

Bronze Package

£29.99/per month

Silver Package

39.99/per month

Gold Package

£49.99/per month

Platinum Package


VPS Like Security, only better!

Official ElasticSites ProviderEach user has their own virtual filesystem, with their own copy of safe binaries and no access to files that belong to other users. Other users don't get access to your files either, as they are locked in their own filesystem too. So the only way that your site could become compromised will be down to what you do, and not what other customers do. But unlike a VPS you get with the "hardened/locked-down" approach of a Shared Server, this makes your environment even safer than a VPS. Elastic-Sites technology means that we can scale your hosting enviroment to match the power of a VPS/Dedicated server should your site prove popular enough.

Secure, but flexible!!

Although the environment is locked down, you can change the version of your PHP, which modules are included with PHP and which settings are in your php.ini, through our PHP selector, which makes the necessary changes to your filesystem and system settings in real-time. In this way, you can test whether your application works better or faster with other versions of PHP, or with specific modules included or excluded.

Imunify360Imunify 360

Imunify360 collects attack and security information from thousands of hosting servers across the globe and shares this information through a central distributed database. It offers protection through the use of different technologies that work together including Advanced IP and Web Application Firewalls, Intruder Detection and Intruder Prevention Systems, Anti-Malware, Sandboxing, Patch Management & Reputation Management.  

Comodo WAF

The Web Application Firewall stops brute force attacks in their tracks, as unlike log trawling, a WAF can tell if an attempt to login worked or failed. The WAF also stops many attacks against compromised plugins and older versions of scripts and plugins. Comodo produce a specific set of rules for LiteSpeed webserver, and these are the rules which we run on our webservers.

Security RobotSecurity Robot

UnixGuru has a special security robot, that trawls log files and LiteSpeed APIs to find our who's attacking your blog, and slows them down by working hand in hand with our dynamic "self-configuring" firewall and Bitninja to thwart threats and keep out the bad guys. By looking through log files we can find IPs which are performing slow methodical attacks.


UnixGuru offers Softaculous to install your Wordpress with one click. Softaculous, as well as installing your site, can auto-upgrade your site as new versions come out, including your plugins, and can automatically make a backup when it does so, just in case


We host more than 11,000 WordPress sites and are familiar with how it works and will always maintain an environment which will be optimised for WordPress.

WordPress Suitable Hosting

All of our plans are more than suitable for hosting WordPress.

WordPress Requirements are:-

  • PHP 5.4+, we offer 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1 & 7.2 via our PHP Selector (WordPress core works with PHP 7 and is much faster than PHP 5)
  • MySQL version 5.0.15 or greater or any version of MariaDB, we offer MariaDB 10.3.11
  • mod_rewrite, our LiteSpeed web server is compatible with Apache mod_rewrite, only much faster.

However, if your site gets a lot of traffic, you could even consider our Premium hosting packages as they offer lots of RAM and faster disk throughput and your own dedicated IP address. These packages will exceed the performance of the majority of VPS packages available from other hosts.

30-days Moneyback Guarantee for ALL Shared, Reseller & Elastic-Sites Hosting Plans

Shared hosting is available across 13 European zones: Belgian (BE), British (UK), Czech (CZ), Finnish (FI), French (FR), German (DE), Irish (IE), Italian (IT), Lithuanian (LT), Dutch (NL), Polish (PL), Portuguese (PT), Spanish (ES)

Key Features

Some of cool feature from our web hosting package

  • 24×7 Systems Support

    Knowledgebase, Live Chat & Support Tickets

  • LiteSpeed WebServer

    Upto 40 x faster than apache & 100% compatible.

  • Imunify 360

    Bot-Net Filtration & Web Application FIrewall

  • DirectAdmin

    DirectAdmin is the easiest web hosting control panel to use, and very possibly the fastest!

  • CloudLinux

    Stable, Secure, Feature Rich, Operating System for Shared Hosting & Reseller Environments

  • KernelCare

    KernelCare applies kernel updates and security patches without the need for downtime.

  • PHP Selector

    Choose from PHP versions 4.4, 5.1 to 5.6 & 7.0 to 7.2

  • SitePad SiteBuilder

    Easy to use Sitepad Site Builder can publish a great looking site in minutes.

Our Payment Methods

You can pay us using your Paypal account, Major Credit Cards, Bitcoin or Direct Debit payments50