Why host your applications with UnixGuru?

UnixGuru’s LiteSpeed Web servers ensure that your applications run faster than on other hosts.

Because we charge for the resources you use, and not give you unlimited everything for $1/month, we don’t need to cram as many users as possible on a server to make a profit.

This leaves your applications with the resources you need when you need them.

CloudLinux keeps other users in check, making sure that poorly written scripts and bad database queries do not affect your performance.



Softaculous (Auto Script Installer)

Softaculous provides you with more than 350 of the web’s top PHP, Perl and JavaScript applications which can be installed with a single click.

Softaculous also allows you to upgrade safely from one version to the next, taking or restoring backups, should the upgrade not prove satisfactory.

It also allows cloning of many CMS applications, which allows for the easy development of a site at an alternative URL.

On top of this, more than 1100 PHP Classes and many frameworks are available to install on which to build your own applications. Again Softaculous can upgrade the versions of your classes and frameworks and can take a backup before it starts in case something should go wrong.


Optimum Cache

CloudLinux optimum cache keeps a record of duplicate files on the system and only has to cache a single copy of each file. This means that if your site is kept up to date and uses a popular script, the main core files will always reside in memory cache, avoiding any disk I/O, which will make your application fly.


LiteSpeed handles calls to PHP differently to Apache. With all of the security of suPHP but with faster performance than mod_ruid, LiteSpeed launches your PHP applications 9 times faster than Apache.