Our Goal

Our goal is to deliver Super Fast, Super Secure & Super Stable hosting that is both easy to use and affordable.

We use best of breed software, mixed with our own technologies to provide fast, stable and secure hosting at a competitive price.

Premium Quality Features!

  • LiteSpeed – Super Fast WebSite Delivery*
  • CloudLinux – Super Secure Stable Servers*
  • Imunify 360 – Hacker Prevention*
  • KernelCare – Kernel Updates without reboot*
  • R1Soft – Fast Efficient Backups & Restores*
  • DirectAdmin C’Panel – The best C’Panel on the market*
  • Softaculous – Auto Script Installer*
  • SitePad – SiteBuilder*

*Enterprise Software with support.

With these technologies, we hope to have achieved the closest thing to “set-it and forget-it” environment that is available in a shared hosting environment today.

Elastic-Sites Hosting

With UnixGuru’s Elastic-Sites hosting, when your site grows popular, we can scale the performance of your environment without having to change the way your hosting looks or feels.

The majority of customers prefer this over a VPS, as we do all of the system management, whilst you can sit back and relax.

Latest Technology Web Hosting

Keeping up with the latest technology can be an expensive and time-consuming process for small businesses.

UnixGuru Hosting aims to take as much of the difficulty out of hosting your sites and applications as possible and gives you the highest performance and best reliability at an affordable price

Greener Hosting

UnixGuru Hosting uses water-cooling and natural air flow to keep the cost of refrigeration to a minimum reducing the amount of global warming that we are contributing to.

By utilising huge amounts of RAM, and a deduplicating disk cache, we keep disk I/O and CPU at a minimum, meaning fast sites for customers, and a lower heat output and carbon footprint.


Having 1st looked after websites for friends and small businesses (even at their own hosts), UnixGuru Hosting was conceived in 1999, and took a dedicated server at Demon Internet and carved it up into chunks to provide those friends and businesses with hosting on “our own” platform.

Originally our vision was to provide the best hosting possible using open-source software.

Soon realising that not everything open-source is best in a public venture, we sought out the best building blocks to create the most performant and stable hosting stack in the business by combining new technologies as they became available.

In 2010, we moved from Demon dedicated servers to a combination of OVH, Hetzner and other good bare metal commodity providers, so we could begin to compete on price and not just quality.

Using OVH’s European network and AnyCast CDN, we are able to provide very low latency pan-European hosting across 13 countries, with geolocalised IPs.

Our move to CloudLinux and LiteSpeed in 2012, saw our truly high availability, high-performance hosting, come to fruition.

In 2015, the drive for better customer service saw a change of WebServer on the shared and reseller platform to LiteSpeed Enterprise WebServer, resulting in a better-supported platform and superior performance.

  • DDoS Protection provided by Data-Centre
  • Server Hardware, supported by the Data-Centre.
  • Operating System, supported by CloudLinux
  • Control Panel, supported by DirectAdmin
  • Web Server, supported by LiteSpeed
  • Cloud Services, supported by OnApp

Whilst our engineers can sort 99% of issues without needing upstream support, commercial products have helped us provide a more professional service.

In 2017, the company is back being run by the original owner, as a commercial venture, previously being run as a no-profit-made venture.


UnixGuru staff have worked in the hosting industry for many years and have helped create web presences for high street shops, banks, discount and comparison sites, airlines, telecom providers which have become household names.

We know the technologies and techniques required to offer high performance, high availability websites at affordable prices and are now bringing that technology to the commodity hosting market on a shared Cloud Hosted platform.