Phalcon PHP Module Updated

Phalcon PHP module updated from 2.0.10-1 to 2.0.13-1

Changelog from 2.0.10-1 version:

  • fixed Model magic set functionality to maintain variable visibility and utilize setter methods #11286;

  • added a prepareSave event to model saving;

  • added support for OnUpdate and OnDelete foreign key events to the MySQL adapter;

  • added ability to setLogLevel on multiple logs #10429;

  • fixed regression changes for Phalcon\Translate\Adapter\Gettext::prepareOptions #11429;

  • fixed Phalcon\Mvc\View\Engine\Volt::callMacro bug. Now it’s correctly calling call_user_func_array instead ofcall_user_func #11745;

  • fixed undefined method call Phalcon\Mvc\Collection\Manager::getConnectionService. Now Phalcon\Mvc\Collection::getConnectionService works correctly in according to documentation;

  • fixed the argument type of Phalcon\Flash::success #11764;

  • restored Phalcon\Text::camelize behavior #11767;

  • used Zephir v0.9.2 to maintain backwards compatibility.

Please find detailed information on the link: