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MySQL Monitoring & Graphing coming soon

MySQL Monitoring is already being performed continuously in the background, but soon we will be adding resources used into the graphing mechanism in the “Resource Monitor” plugin in DirectAdmin. We are already controlling these resources, but the visibility of this control has not yet been passed to the customer.

CVE-2016-4997 and CVE-2016-4998 patched.

CVE-2016-4997 and CVE-2016-4998 were issued for a vulnerability that lets user inside container to escalate privileges and escape the container. The issue affects OpenVZ VPSs and Docker containers. This vulnerabilities have been patched across our systems.

Native PHP 5.6.23 Update

Native PHP 5.6.22 updated to 5.6.23

PCRE 8.39 Update

PCRE 8.38 updated to 8.39

Ubuntu 16.04 VPSs now available

Ubuntu 16.04 VPSs are now available

Libpng Updated

Libpng 1.6.22 updated to 1.6.23

PHP 7.1 Alpha available for testing

UnixGuru likes to offer you the latest versions of PHP as well as the older more trusted variants. We’ve made PHP 7.1 available.

CVE-2016-4581 Patched

Vulnerability CVE-2016-4581 has been patched, even on RHEL/CentOS 7, where the upstream vendors have yet to release their patches. The vulnerability is already known to be used in attacks against hosting providers to crash servers, but we haven’t been subjected to this and we are already protected.

Phalcon PHP Module Updated

Phalcon PHP module updated from 2.0.10-1 to 2.0.13-1 Changelog from 2.0.10-1 version: fixed Model magic set functionality to maintain variable visibility and utilize setter methods #11286; added a prepareSave event to model saving; added support for OnUpdate and OnDelete foreign key events to the MySQL adapter; added ability to setLogLevel on multiple logs #10429; fixed […]

Let’s Encrypt Exciting News

DirectAdmin are adding Let’s Encrypt functionality to their control panel. (look at 1.501) So we will look at our developed code and their and decide, where to go, but this is a welcomed piece of development from DirectAdmin in a world where SSL is becoming more important.