Gateway Charges

Our future plans include more Cloud “pay as you go” features.

This will often result in customers making more frequent, but smaller payments for their services.

This change of payment circumstance now means that we will have to start passing the payment gateway charges to the customer.

Paypal, for instance, charges 3.4% +20p for every transaction, so asking for 50p for a transaction would leave us with 28p, which you can see is an issue.

Cloud Services then, we advise, are best paid for by loading your account with Credit, but not everyone is willing to pre-load their account.

We will, therefore, soon, be adding the gateway charges for a transaction to the cost of the transaction as a way to protect revenues going forward.

We are planning on making these changes on or after the 2nd July 2016, so they are active in time for the August billing period.


Current gateway charges are as follows:-

BitCoin: 2.0%
CreditCard: 2.1% + 20p
DirectDebit: 1.0%
PayPal: 3.4% + 20p