Future CloudLinux Functionality

CloudLinux has published what it’s working on this year and here are the highlights.

Modern kernels have the ability to control two levels of limits and these will be put to use in 2 ways.

  1. On dedicated hardware, CloudLinux will allow for hosts to create a Reseller Limit, an overall limit that their customers combined cannot exceed, this will further ensure that people are only using the resources that they are paying for.
  2. On OpenVZ VMs, CloudLinux will finally be able to do the things that CloudLinux can do now on dedicated hardware.

Also coming is “bandwidth” controls for users, which may further allow a fairer use of resources, however, we’re not sure whether we will implement these limits at this time.

HHVM HipHopVM is also being looked at to see whether it can be implemented as a PHP version.

So watch this space for the added functionality.