Security Robot Change

In an effort to keep the responsiveness of our servers up, our Security Robot, which spots hacker activities and prevents them by blocking the offending IP, has been altered to update the BitNinja IPSET firewall rather than the Dynamic IPTABLES firewall used by the UnixGuru servers.

Previously we only keep the last 2000 attacking IPs banned, as otherwise the IPTABLES firewall would slow down due to the number of rules it had to process.

Creating our own time-stamped database, we are now able to manipulate the BitNinja product to perform our banning for us, in IPSET, which is able to perform millions of rows of rules in less time than 100s would have taken in IPTABLES. This will allow us to track and ban hundreds of throusands of attacking IPs.

Hopefully over time, this will reduce the number of attacks against WordPress, Joomla, Drupal & Magento on our servers.