July month to eradicate malware

We will be suspending any accounts that have been discovered to have malware and only unsuspending them after user contact. We are having to take this stance due to some users ignoring email that are sent until we suspend the domain.

(Resellers if you find your customers have been suspended with the “Abuse” flag, this is due to malware/spam, please help your customer get their site fixed).

Resellers are able to unsuspend their customers accounts after having spoken to their them.

If we get further reports after 48 hours of malware, we will suspend the accounts again.

On the third strike, we reserve the option to remove the account.

Not only do weaknesses in code and patching of customer sites create weaknesses which can get them infected, it damages our IP reputation, if malware is spread or spam is sent, so we need to correct thus.

Malware & Spamming are prohibited in our Terms of Service.