Performance LiteSpeed Hosting for PHP & Node.JS websites

ioncube update

IonCube loader has been updated from 5.0.7-1 to 5.0.10-1

OptimumCache update

We’re running an optimumcache update across our servers, which is taking 100% of one of the CPU Cores on each node. However, performance should not be affected as the other 15 cores are available and I/O wait < 0.5%

phalcon module update

The phalcon module for PHP has been updated to phalcon-2.0.3-1

July month to eradicate malware

We will be suspending any accounts that have been discovered to have malware and only unsuspending them after user contact. We are having to take this stance due to some users ignoring email that are sent until we suspend the domain. (Resellers if you find your customers have been suspended with the “Abuse” flag, this […]

Software Updates

The following software has just been updated. DirectAdmin Comodo WAF LiteSpeed

Reduced Visitor Numbers, Better Conversions

Some customers have noticed that they have had a considerable percentage drop in visitor numbers in webalizer. We’ve worked with these customers and found they are getting identical or greater conversion numbers or increased conversion rates. We’ve attributed this to BitNinja, which is now protecting us from malicious bot and hackers that are no longer […]

Protected by BitNinja

All of our shared and reseller hosting is now protected by Imunify360

PHP 7 now available via PHP Selector

All you developers that want to try your code on PHP7, you can do so easily now as we have added PHP 7.0 to the list of available PHP versions in our PHP Selector.

PHP 5.5 Now Default

We’ve changed the default version of PHP for new accounts being created to version 5.5 Existing customers will stay on the version they have been using. All customers can change their PHP Versions in their accounts using the PHP Selector, currently available versions are 4.4, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5 (Default) & 5.6 have […]

Discontinuing FTP Storage and Bacula products

We will not be selling any more FTP Storage space, or Bacula based products and will stop provision of existing products on 1 July 2016. Now that we have R1Soft to backup our Shared, Reseller and VPS hosting FTP and Bacula have become defunct. The speed and efficiency of R1Soft requiring much less space for […]