Malware and Virus Scanning

Now hosting more than 10,000 WordPress and many 1000s of Joomla and Drupal sites, we have spent too much time tracking down code exploits and malware.

Linux, just doesn’t have any proper real-time virus scanning solutions designed for shared hosts, so we’ve made our own solutions, which have gone live today.

  • New mod_security rules specifically chosen and written for shared hosting have gone live, many of these are designed to stop or hold off brute force attacks in the short-term until our security robot, spot them in the log activity.
  • Virus Scans as files are uploaded via FTP
  • Virus Scans as files are uploaded via Apache or LiteSpeed
  • Near realtime malware scans of any file created or modified by users (covers Files uploaded by SFTP)

When these tools are combined with existing technologies.

  • SpamBuster v3, our in-house developed anti-spam solution, combats incoming spam.
  • Self healing anti-spam solution, blocks scripts that send emails to non-existent destinations, combats outgoing spam.
  • Firewall analyzer, which notifies customers of attempts their scripts have made to connect to mail and other service ports on other hosts, which automatically activates a full virus scan for that customer.
  • Malware discovered is logged in our database, IPs of visitors trying to trigger that malware are then blocked, further thwarting the spam pedlars.

These tools should keep Viruses and Malware off our servers, whilst

  • CageFS stops any possible cross infection from one user to another.
  • Any undetected malware running cannot escape it’s user and is resource controlled, so other users are completely unaffected.

Keeping our hosting super secure, and super fast!!!

Our shared hosting is like having your own managed VPS.