BlockCracking Email Algorithm Update

We’ve updated our algorithm to not only count bounces and block scripts/users that have bounced too many emails, we’ve now added a list of wildcard paths which are blocked from sending emails. This will help cut down of the number of spams that might be sent from a compromised WordPress, Joomla or Drupal site.

Scripts in these commonly exploited paths never get the chance to send an email, but the user, reseller and admins are notified of the exploit.

Also as a side issue we are periodically scanning the firewall logs for attempts to connect outward to ports 25, 465, 587 etc, as some recent exploit scripts send data through directly through ports and not using the mail system. These attempts are also automatically notified to the sending user, reseller and administrator as we want to get exploit code off our servers, even if they are already successfully blocked.

Again WordPress (or rather poorly maintained/exploited WordPress) is almost entirely responsible for spam now, however, we have almost reached our no-spam goal, with our customers help it should be achievable relatively quickly.