Performance LiteSpeed Hosting for PHP & Node.JS websites

  • UK & European Hosting

    Fast, Stable & Secure shared & reseller hosting for PHP and node.js and websites and applications.

    • Elastic Sites. Scaleable Shared & Reseller Hosting with Dedicated Resources
    • Shared-Hosting: 1 CPU/4GB RAM/40GB Disk scaleble to 20 CPUs/42GB RAM/420GB Disk
    • Reseller-Hosting: 1 CPU/4GB RAM/25GB Disk scaleable to 8 CPUs/200GB Disk
    • Node 10, 9, 8, & 6 – PHP 7.0 to 7.3, 5.1 to 5.6 & 4.4
    • Let’sEncypt: Free SSL certificates, never pay again, instant setup
  • Litespeed Webhosting

    With LiteSpeed we can serve more customers faster using less resources. The industry’s fastest caching technology with native plugins for some of the most used web applications.

    • WordPress – LSCache Plugin
    • Magento – LiteMage Extention for 1.x & 2.x
    • PrestaShop – LSCache Module
    • Joomla – LSCache Plugin
    • Drupal 8 – LSCache Module
    • XenForo – LSCache Add-On
    • MediaWiki – LSCache Extension
    Read about LiteSpeed
  • Node.JS Hosting

    Choose from multiple versions of node.js

    Versions avaialble:

    • 10.1.0
    • 9.9.0
    • 8.10.0
    • 6.13.1

    Host multiple applications in different versions.

    About Node.JS
  • Official Elastic-Sites Provider

    The power of a VPS, with the ease of Shared Hosting

    • 1 to 20 CPU Cores
    • 4 to 42GB of Memory
    • VPS style isolation of environment
    • Upgrade/Downgrade Instantly
    • R1Soft Continuous Backups
    • Softaculous, SitePad Site Builder
    • CloudLinux & Imunify 360
  • Easy to use

    With the easiest to use control panel, a drag ‘n’ drop Site-Builder and the best 1 Click Script Installer, even a novice can be up and running in minutes.

    • Softaculous: 1 click install & update 400+ top web scripts
    • SitePad: Sitebuilder with 300+ responsive templates for Static Sites
    • Directadmin C’Panel: Is the easiest to use control panel, period.
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  • Great for Developers

    • Node Applications v6, v8, v9 & v10
    • Selectable PHP: 4.4, 5.1-5.6, 7.0-7.2
      • Selectable PHP Modules (120+)
      • Including Phalcon, IcePHP, YAF & more …
    • 1-Click Framework Installs with Easy Updates
      • BootStrap, Code Igniter, Yii, Zend & more …
    • 1-Click JavaScript libraries with Easy Updates
      • JQuery, AngularJS, ExtJS, DoJo & more …
    Developer Features
  • Magento Specialists

    UnixGuru exceeds all requirements for Magento.

    • PHP Modules: pdo_mysql, simplexml, mcrypt, hash, GD, DOM, iconv, curl & soap
    • PHP: 1024MB memory limit per PHP process
    • MariaDB 10.3.x supports CE & EE versions
    • LiteSpeed Web Server for high performance and scalability
    • LiteMage Cache for the fastest Magento hosting available.
    • Softaculous 1 Click Install for Magento & many other carts
    • Patchman, Auto Vulnerability patching
    Magento Hosting
  • Security

    UnixGuru has superb security

    • Arbor DDoS Protection
    • Imunify360 – Proactive Protection
    • UG Dynamic Firewall
    • LiteSpeed Anti-DDoS
    • Comodo Web Application Firewall
    • CloudLinux CageFS Isolation
    • Hardened PHP
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  • Performance Servers

    UnixGuru Hosting use High Performance Servers

    • 32 x CPU Cores
    • 128GB Memory
    • RAID 10 SAS Storage for WebSite Data
    • RAID 10 SSD Storage for Databases
    • Most files will be cached by the 128GB of RAM
    • Multi-Gigabit Network
    Shared Hosting
  • Stalwart Systems Support

    stal·wart /stôlwərt/

    Adjective: Loyal, reliable, and hardworking

    Support staff are here to keep your sites running 24×7
    If you have any issues with our systems our staff will answer your queries.

    • Live Chat
    • Ticket based Service Desk
    Support Centre


If you are ever looking for a “5 Star”, “Best of The Best” Hosting company look no farther than UnixGuru. Hewitt Brown has e-commerce sites selling to customers in the USA, Canada, Europe and the UK as well as digital publishing sites. With hundreds of sites, WordPress blogs and other back-end processes we demand lighting fast servers, low latency, and expert technical support. Since 1995 we have hosted our websites with Hostgator, Blue Host, Dreamspace and our large e-commerce sites with Rackspace, MediaTemple and others. Some of our digital publishing (advertising) sites have generated over a Billion database records a month – with our demanding “Best of Breed” requirements we know without a doubt we are in good hands with UnixGuru. Speed is vital for today’s consumer, if the website is slow you will lose up to 30% of your customers and not to mention Google loves fast websites. For fast web sites and expert technical support we tell our good friends and business associates to move to UnixGuru and hope our competitors go to the companies we have used in the past.

Hewitt Brown
Gerry Sterling

30 days Money-back Guarantee for All Shared & Reseller Hosting Plans

Instant setup on receipt of payment. Example plans are found below, click one to find out more!


£19.99/per month

Bronze Package

£19.99/per month

Silver Package

49.99/per month

Gold Package

£29.99/per month

Platinum Package

Why Choose UnixGuru for your performance hosting?

UnixGuru provides Super Fast (LiteSpeed), Super Stable (CloudLinux), Super Secure (Imunify360) Elastic-Sites Hosting using the latest performance hardware and software.

Each customer gets a dedicated IP on which they can host an unlimited number of websites and you can create a new control panel users if you are hosting sites for your customers.

Our cloud servers run on SAN attached SSD arrays, and are backed up hourly, to another data-centre.

With VPS like isolation one customer cannot affect another, and we can scale up and down resources at a moments notice, not just per account, but per server, so we can keep on serving you as you get bigger.

Too big for Shared Hosting?

You resources are controlled so you can hammer your account(s) all you want, if you need more power, you can just upgrade.

Use as a high powered account for a very popular website or as a Reseller Account, the choice is yours!

Our Payment Methods

You can pay us using your Paypal account, Major Credit Cards, Bitcoin or Direct Debit