Super Fast, Super Stable, Super Secure, SEO Enhanced Hosting, Since 1999

  • UK & European Hosting

    UnixGuru Hosting combine NGINX, Varnish & LiteSpeed, to provide super-fast, scalable and reliable shared & reseller web-hosting.

    • Super Fast (Better SE Rank, Better User Experience)
    • Super Stable (Up when crawled, no lost opportunities)
    • Super Secure (Display your code, not a hackers)
    • Shared Hosting: Choose 1 of 13 EU Zones
    • Resellers Hosting: Gets All 13 EU Zones
    • SEO Enhanced Hosting, 50+ Separate Class C IPs
  • Great Value Hosting

    • Enterprise Performance Servers
    • Performance Hosting Stack
    • Multi-GigaBit Network Connections
    • High Security Environments
    • Business Grade Email Stack
    • Superior Uptime
    • Affordable PAYG model
    Hosting Features
  • Super Fast WordPress

    UnixGuru Hosting offers World Class WordPress hosting.

    • NGINX hosting stack (Super Fast!!)
    • Apache compatible (your plugins will work)
    • Varnish Cached (won’t slow down when busy)
    • Own Virtual FileSystem (no cross site hacking)
    • Auto Install & Upgrade (Core & Plugin) with backups
    • Automated Defense System (disrupt brute-force attempts)
    • BitNinja Security and Comodo WAF
    • Exceeds ALL requirements
    Read about Wordpress Hosting
  • No Missed Oportunities

    Every lost/missed customer is a loss of potential revenue.

    With UnixGuru Hosting avoid loss of your customers and visitors due to:-

    • Downtime
    • Performance Issues
    • Security Issues including Malware and Hackers

    We’ve put systems in place to ensure your site is always up, fast and secure.

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  • Email for Businesses

    Customer Email is sent to and from the IP on which their website is hosted. Purchasing a dedicated IP address with your hosting ensures that your Email will always get through, as your IP address cannot be blacklisted by the activities of other tenants.

    Ideal for small to medium businesses, our email services offer email forwarders, auto-responders, Out-Of-Office/Vacation Messages, and mailing lists.


    Business Class Email
  • NGINX, Varnish, Apache & LiteSpeed Hosting

    Hybrid Hosting Stack provides super fast hosting:-

    • NGINX handles 1000s of static objects simultaneously
    • Varnish serves recent content directly from memory
    • LiteSpeed serves your dynamic content
    • LSAPI connects LiteSpeed to PHP
    • Zend OpCache saves PHP from compiling every time
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  • UG SiteBuilder

    Design and Publish a website in minutes with UG Site Builder:

    • 1. Choose from over 170+ modern responsive templates
    • 2. Edit the design
    • 3. Publish to the web
    • 4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 as necessary
    • Ideal for landing pages and campaigns.
    • Design for Desktop, Tablet & SmartPhone
    Site Builder Demo
  • HTML5 Site Builders

    Great looking modern HTML5 animated templates

    • Easy to use WYSIWYG editor
    • Works on Apple & Android mobile devices
    • Differing Builders for different website types
    • No coding knowledge necessary
    HTML5 WebSite Builders
  • Great for Developers

    • Selectable PHP Versions
      • 4.4, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 & 7.0
    • Selectable PHP Modules
      • More than 120+ Modules
    • 1-Click Framework Installs
      • BootStrap, Code Igniter, Phalcon, Yii, Zend & more
    Developer Features
  • Business

    UnixGuru Hosting would be a great host for your small business.

    • Reliable Website Hosting (DDoS Protected)
    • Reliable Email Hosting (More Mail, Less Spam)
    • Faster loading sites than your competitors!
    • Auto Installed & Upgraded CRM and Business Apps


    Business Hosting
  • Automatic App Installation

    Automatic installation of more than 350+ of the most popular applications.


    • Installation
    • Auto Upgrade
    • Auto Plugin Upgrade (WordPress Only)
    • Auto Backup
    • Uninstall
    Softaculous Demo
  • Security and Reliability

    Using CloudLinux, users are placed in their own LVE (Lightweight Virtual Environment), not unlike a VPS.


    • Have their own CageFS Filesystem with safe binaries
    • CPU, Memory & I/O allocations
    • MySQL CPU & I/O allocations
    • Cannot see other users files or processes
    • Are not affected by other tenants sites
  • Stalwart Systems Support

    stal·wart /stôlwərt/

    Adjective: Loyal, reliable, and hardworking

    Support staff are here to keep your sites running 24×7
    If you have any issues with our systems our staff will answer your queries.

    • Live Chat
    • Ticket based Service Desk
    • Telephone support for existing customers
    Support Centre
  • Domain Names

    We provide a large variety of domain names, which you can host with us, or with others hosts.
    Our hosting includes DDoS protected, quadrupal redundant DNS servers across 2 continents.

  • Continuous Data Protection

    • R1Soft Backups FREE on ALL Shared & Reseller Hosting
    • Snapshots are taken every hour (retained for 24 hours)
    • Archives are taken every 3 hours (retained for 7 days)
    • Daily archives are retained for 31 days
    • Monthly archives are retained for 1 year
    • Portal available for customer self-service backup & restore
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  • Super Fast European Network

    We provide hosting through network PoPs (Points of Presence) in 13 European Countries.

    Belgium, Britain, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal & Spain

    • Shared hosting accounts can
    • Our resellers are able to sell hosting in any and all of these 13 regions
    • IPs in the correct GEOphysical location can improve your SEO
    European Network
  • Search Engine Optimisation

    UnixGuru Hosting provides SEO Enhanced hosting that is fast and easily the strain when your content goes viral.

    • WebSite Speed
    • WebSite Reliabilty
    • 13 European IP Zones
    • 50+ IPs from Separate Class C networks available to resellers as standard
    • SNI enabled, so you can have multiple SSL Certs per IP
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  • SpamBuster Technology

    Spam has become an ever increasing menace to businesses who lose too many hours dealing with  spam and fishing emails and being exposed to malware, viruses & scams.

    Individuals are also frustrated by their inbox filling up with Junk.

    UnixGuru’s own proprietary “SpamBuster technology” stops more than 99% of spam whilst having very few false positives.

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  • Content Delivery Network

    Speed counts if you want your website to get ahead of the competition.

    The UnixGuru network is already highly optimised across across Europe, but if your site also targets Asia or the US, using our content delivery network to keep a copy of your static data close to your customers means your site will remain fast and snappy wherever it’s viewed.

    Using our CDN can increase your search engine visability.

  • BitNinja Security

    • Eliminates Malicious Attacks
    • Stops comment spam
    • Stops many BruteForce attempts
    • DDoS Protection
    • Filters Bot-Nets
    • Increases server reliability
    BitNinja Security
  • StatusCake Monitoring

    So confident are we in our speed and uptime, we use a 3rd party to monitor every domains and send you an alert if we are down.

    • Shared Hosting users notified by email
    • Resellers are notified of their customers issues
    • Alerts for when domains go down
    • Alerts for when domains come up
    • SMS available for £1/domain

    Configuration is performed via the StatusCake API on domain creation.

    Read about StatusCake
  • Performance Servers

    UnixGuru Hosting use High Performance Servers

    • 16 x 3.1GHz CPU Cores
    • 128GB ECC Memory
    • RAID 10 SAS Storage for WebSite Data
    • RAID 10 SSD Storage for Databases
    • OptimumCache (de-duplicating) disk cache
    • Multi-Gigabit Network
    Shared Hosting
  • Dynamic Firewall & Security Robot

    Thwartes attempted:

    • SYN Attacks
    • Portflood Attacks
    • Brute Force attempts on Email, FTP, C’Panel & CMS systems
    • Port Scans
    Security Robot
  • Auto DDoS Mitigation

    • Cisco, Tilera & Arbor hardware
    • 450+ Gb/s Mitigation Capacity, removes bad traffic
    • Local Firewalls limit connections per IP
    • NGINX handles 1000s of connections for static objects
    • Varnish serves pages from memory
    • LiteSpeed serves new Dynamic Content quickly
    Read about DDoS Protection
  • No Malware

    Working hand in hand with the our Security Robot, our real-time malware scanner, scans any files created or modified and removes those that are infected.

    It then hands the Security Robot the details of the discovered malware so that it can search the httpd logs, for visitors attempting to make use of the malware, and automatically blocks their IP.

    • Realtime FileSystem Scans
    • Periodic HTTPD log checks
    • Bans vistors who attempt to access malware
    No Malware
  • SSL Certificates

    GeoTrust® Rapid SSL

    • £5,000 Warranty
    • Issued within 1-2 hours
    • 256bit SSL Encryption
    • Quick & Easy Installation

    GeoTrust® is the world’s second largest digital certificate provider. More than 100,000 customers in over 150 countries trust GeoTrust to secure online transactions and conduct business over the Internet.

    Read More
  • Super Fast Delivery

    • Order with PayPal or Credit Card
    • Your account is created with 2 minutes
    • SiteBuilder (Online WYSIWYG Designer)
    • Softaculous (1 Click Auto Script Installer)

    Your new site could be up and running in 10 minutes

    Order from the Client Area Portal
  • Ways to get your eMail

    As standard with every account

    • POP(S) or IMAP(S) email fetching
    • SMTP(S) email sending/forwarding
    • RoundCube Web-Mail
    • SquirrelMail Web-Mail
    Email Knowledgebase
  • No Porn or Warez

    Porn and Warez sites give hosts and their clients poor IP reputations.

    • No Porn
    • No Warez
    • No Torrentz
    • No Spammers

    We want to keep our hosting for the good guys who want a super fast site for their business or personal website.

    Read More
  • Magento & Ecommerce Ready

    Our hosting exceeds the requirements for Magento

    • PHP Modules: pdo_mysql, simplexml, mcrypt, hash, GD, DOM, iconv, curl & soap
    • PHP: 1024MB Memory Limit per apache process
    • MySQL 5.6 Supports CE & EE versions
    • Nginx, Varnish, LiteSpeed Magento Hosting
    • Softaculous 1 Click Install
    • PrestaShop, OpenCart, AbanteCart, OSCommerse, Loaded 7, ZenCart, Avactis, Quick.Cart, LiteCart, CubeCart, AlegroCart & Axis also available.
    ECommerce Hosting
  • Greener Hosting

    UnixGuru takes many factors into consideration when purchasing equipment and services.

    • DataCentre Cooling
    • DataCentre Power Sources
    • Server Cooling
    • Server Design
    • Software Stack
    Go Green


In my experience your support team is second to none. You ought to make more use of that fact in your website advertising. many of us coming from other companies left them because of poor quality support.

Ron Thompson

30 days Money-back Guarantee for All Shared & Reseller Hosting Plans

Instant setup on receipt of payment. Example plans are found below, click one to find out more!
All templates are responsive for Wide-Screen, Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone displays


£5/per month

  • 5GB Storage Space
  • 25GB Bandwidth
  • 10 Domains
  • Unlimited E-mail Features
  • DirectAdmin C’Panel
  • Softaculous & Site-Builder
  • Single C’Panel Account
  • SSL SNI Enabled
See more shared plans
Reseller Hosting

£20/per month

  • 20GB Storage Space
  • 200GB Bandwidth
  • 100 Hosted Domains
  • Unlimited E-mail Features
  • DirectAdmin C’Panel
  • Softaculous & Site-Builder
  • 20 Sub-Accounts
  • SSL SNI Enabled
See more reseller plans
eCommerce Hosting

£20/per month

  • 10GB Storage Space
  • 100GB Bandwidth
  • 1 Hosted Domain
  • Unlimited E-mail Features
  • DirectAdmin C’Panel
  • Softaculous & Site-Builder
  • Extra CPU, Memory & I/O
  • Dedicated IP Address
See more reseller plans

Included in All Packages: 1 Geolocated IP address (50+ Separate C Class IPs are available across 13 European zones to all resellers as standard)

Why Choose Us for your SEO hosting?

UnixGuru Hosting provide High Performance (Super Fast) Hosting with High Availability (High Uptime) SEO Enhanced hosting, with GEOphysical IPs in 13 European zones accessible from a single fast and easy to use control panel.

  • GEO IPs from Belgium, Britain, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal & Spain
  • 50+ IPs on Separate C Class Networks
  • Lightening fast page delivery
  • Stable “Always There” Systems
  • Superior site security